"Last year is dead, they seem to say,

Begin afresh, afresh afresh." 

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Julio Cortazar poem: "Para Leer en la Forma Interrogativa" (Spanish poem)
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Para Leer en la Forma 


A poem by Argentine writer Julio Cortazar. Filmed in Spanish with English subtitles.


A beautiful short poem centered around the metaphor of life as a journey. Written by Spanish poet Antonio Machado. Translated by Dana Gioia.

Sonnet 12

Actor Connor Keene performs Shakespeare's sonnet 12. "When I do count the clock that tells the time..."

Blank Verse Trailer

A trailer of past and upcoming poetry films on Blank Verse Films. 

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William Shakespeare

"When I most wink, then do my eyes see best"

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Emily Dickinson

"Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul "

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Langston Hughes

"So just by if-ing

I have a good time."

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